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About us

We are aware of the financial costs which obstruct children within low-income families from accessing basic educational resources including: uniforms, textbooks and classroom equipment. The inability to purchase these resources might appear to be a minor issue; however, we need to be aware of its major, long-term effect on children.


As a consequence of this, many children are either unable to enter into, or continue to afford their education. If children do not have access to these resources, they will not have access to an education itself; therefore they will not have access to substantial knowledge and their personal and academic development will also be affected. Children will forgo the opportunity to attain the necessary skills to thrive and any future academic success will be obstructed. 





Mission 54 is a non-profit organisation that has undertaken the task of financially supporting young, disadvantaged children sustainably. We aim to provide them with the resources that they need, so that they can enter into, or continue to afford their education. 


We have done so in order to help children realise their academic potential and discover their talents. We have done so because we want to provide disadvantaged children with the opportunity to discover what makes them happy; we want disadvantaged children to be able to be engrossed with, and excited by, their newly-discovered academic and creative interests. We have done so, also, in order to increase the confidence of underprivileged children and to help these children define their own sense of identity. We have done so in order to reassure these children that they are being supported, and to provide these children's families with the financial protection which they need in order to feel a sense of stability and relief. We have done so because every child deserves the right to education. We have done so in order to make what had only appeared to be the impossible, possible. 


At the same time that we take action within Africa, we also aim to raise awareness in countries outside of Africa about the effects on children's lack of access to school necessities and the benefits of donating to this organisation.

How do we work? 


We believe that young children's lack of access to an education is directly linked to a lack of economic development, hunger and corruption to mention a few. Alongside an array of creative methods to provide children with study essentials, we also aspire to form micro-investment partnerships with the local retailers. Especially those who sell school uniforms and educational resources in the same community as the schools with whom we partner. By doing so, Mission 54 supports the financial growth of these retailers and facilitates employment opportunities within them, boosting employment within the community. Simultaneously, we work to develop a sustainable partnership between schools and their local retailers. A lasting impact on the schools is achieved via the textbooks which can be reused for generations to come, which is the same principle as in the UK and other European countries.


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Source: UNICEF 2015 Regional Report West & Central Africa